Home Learning Links with Animals

We’ve been hearing some lovely stories from our families about day trips to the park or the zoo and we’ve noticed that animals are a huge interest with our younger children at the moment. To build on this and to further develop the children’s understanding and to support their social and emotional development, we have been doing lots of fun activities based around animals. We added lots of different plants to the water tray and talked about and looked at what different animals eat.

The children really enjoyed feeding the animals and showed us they understood that animals need to be cared for as they were feeding them and stroking their heads. This activity also encouraged lots of language skills as the children practiced saying the animals sounds and repeated words the adults were using such as eating, feeding and drinking as we talked about our play. This later led on to exploring different types of habitats through books, sensory play and enhancing our environment to explore a wider range of animals.

animal-5 animal-6animal-home-links animal-4

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