Sensory Play

Young children explore primarily through senses such as touch, sight and smell and so need a wide variety of different materials and play opportunities to explore in order to support their development in lots of skills they will need later in life such as early writing, exploratory play, imaginative and physical skills.

Our under 2’s have enjoyed playing and exploring with lots of different materials such as flour, baked beans, cereal and water. Sensory play like this is a great opportunity to introduce lots of different learning. For example, we enjoyed adding water to cornflour and investigating how materials change. We enhanced this further with the addition of animals, dolls and other resources to provide a wider scale of learning opportunities. Our babies accessed these sensory play activities enjoying the different textures and using different hand grasps for the animals and dolls and our older toddlers were busy imitating feeding the babies and animals. As you can see, sensory play is a great tool for young children to encourage exploration and can lead to lots of different experiences and learning.

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