Family photos

It is very important to us at nursery that we help babies and toddlers develop a sense of themselves and their family and that we support them to think of family and people close to them regularly, helping them see . We have recently enhanced the story area with photos of family members from home. This is a great way to encourage first words and communication with our younger children.

Offering children resources and prompts which are familiar to them support children to engage. Practitioners then facilitate this learning through open ended questions and making links to children’s first hand experiences. Interactions from practitioners are adapted to suit each child’s stage of development and level of communication and language. Our youngest babies are beginning to recognise familiar words such as: “mummy” or “daddy”; whereas our toddlers are developing their own words and will understand short sentences such as: “yes that is Harvey and Grandma at the farm”

baby-family-photos-(1) baby-family-photos-(2)

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