Science experiments

Today our Pre-school children were very lucky to have a visit from a pharmacist who is also one of our parents. This follows on from our recent interest in body parts and the different things that affect them.



We had a look at medicines, the children listened very carefully as Rebecca talked about the many different forms medicines come in, how they are taken into the body and what people used them for. We then continued to look at how medicines dissolved; the children were given a vitamin C tablet and chose warm water or cold to dissolve their tablets in. We found out through this experiment that warm water dissolves them faster than cold.


We then used some special materials to create our very own medicine for the unwell cookie monster that came along for the talk. When the cookie monster was all better we even got to give him a few cookies.


To finish off we looked at the opposite to medicines which is ‘poisons’ and used lots of gross materials to make our own. This led to fantastic discussions between the children and the use of lots of new language. Of course the children loved using bugs, slime and green paste to create a very disgusting poison that we definitely didn’t want to drink.


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