Olympic Games at The Mere

A hot topic this week at nursery has been the Olympic Games. This started as a discussion over lunch where some of our children mentioned the different sports they had been watching over the weekend – this varied from swimming to running and horse riding. The children had lots of questions about the different events. Often we find that planning for children in an early years setting is spontaneous and with an opportunity for teaching such as this how could we refuse?
To start with we continued the discussion at small group time; each child was given the opportunity to share favourite events they had watched. We also discussed the different countries that compete and looked at them on the map of the world. The children showed excellent listening skills, and were able to respond to what others were saying.
After this the children had a healthy snack of fruit, vegetables and milk. We were then able to learn about the importance for a healthy and varied diet, and the children knew that milk contained calcium which supports their bones as they grow.
Once we had finished our healthy snack we went into the garden where we took part in our own mini Olympics. The children took part in running races, relay races using a baton, fencing using foam sticks, and also hurdles. As we completed the different sports the children showed brilliant turn taking, they helped and supported each other by giving each other praise and encouragement and they showed an interest in what their bodies were doing by feeling how their heart rates increased.

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