Going to school

Today we said goodbye to our last school leaver. This time of year is always a sad but proud time for families and practitioners as we send the children onto “big school”. Although this is the end of their journey there is a new one starting for our children who are due to leave for school in September 2017. We believe that preparing children to have the right skills for school should be an on-going journey.




Throughout the nursery we focus on early literacy skills. For babies this may mean handling books and listening to stories and rhyme and rhythm, and also beginning to make marks.

For toddlers this includes recognising sounds we can make with the body and instruments as well as noticing sounds which can be found in the environment. It also includes developing our hand and arm muscles in preparation for writing and recognising written print around us and our names.

In pre-school we begin to recognise letter sounds and focus for longer periods on stories. Children are encouraged to recite familiar stories and join in with rhyme and alliteration.


Maths is often a subject that many adults don’t feel confident about. We use mathematical language across nursery and in all types of teaching and learning. For babies and toddlers maths is used in stories, singing and the language we use during all activities; we also offer resources which help children to match and sort objects.

For our pre-school children we introduce number recognition, counting, matching/sorting colours, shapes and sizes, basic adding and subtraction; shapes in 2D and 3D and prepositions.

Transition to school

We work closely with the local schools and this year have built relationships with Egerton, High Legh, Bexton, Manor Park, Mobberley, Wincham and Lostock Gralam.


During my time at our sister nursery, The Village Nursery in Trafford Park, our practices were showcased nationally by OFSTED for how we supported children with their transition to school, and also through nursery. You can read more about that by clicking here!

Or you can download the full PDF report from here: OFSTED report – transitions.

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