Tour of Mere

Supporting local events is something we work very hard on. It gives the children not only chance to learn new knowledge but also supports their understanding of the world and the community they live in. A major event for Cheshire and Knutsford this summer is Stage 3 of the Tour of Britain, marking the first time that the Borough has hosted a stage of British Cycling’s premier road cycling event.


On the day of the event we had a small team at the event providing free activities for the children within the community. Whilst at nursery we had lots of different activities going on! The children enjoyed designing their own cycle t-shirts, some using ideas based on the ones they had seen, others creating their own brand new design, each as wonderful as the next.


We also made a few different batches of coloured icing to decorate some biscuits, also known as our ‘bicycle wheels’. Our most popular activity of the day was our very own Tour of Mere! The children came to nursery very excited with their bicycles and scooters by their side ready to race.

Prior to our bike/scooter ride and racing, we had a discussion about the safety of helmets, and why we wear them. We also discussed the safety of others around us whilst we are riding our bicycles and scooters, as we need to be careful not to ride into each other.

We encouraged the children to join in with the countdown “3,2,1 GO!” and they understood when to set off. There was a lot of enthusiasm throughout this event. Overall the day was enjoyed thoroughly by all children and staff!


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