Now I’m Two!

“A two year old is kind of like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it.”
Jerry Seinfeld

Most parents of toddlers can probably relate! Children at this age can be a series of contradictions and chaos and mostly they take you with them on their rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. This is no doubt why dropping your little one off at nursery and heading off to work (home or outside the home!) can sometimes be a welcome break.

The very specific needs of 2 year olds mean it’s important that you take a bit of time to check out the nursery or pre-school that you are thinking about using can meet those needs and support your little top-less blender to develop those life-long skills that begin with socialisation and play.

So, here at Mere Nursery we wanted to share with you the top three things toddlers and early pre-schoolers need to help them throughout their day and to help you feel confident when you drop them off with a smile and squeezy hug.

1. Consistent, caring and warm adults

This is obviously all about the team caring for your child. Familiar faces and secure relationships is the thing that will make all the difference when there’s a melt-down over the wrong colour jigsaw piece or a favourite chair not where it should be.

2. Somewhere suitable to sleep and rest

Up to age 3 and sometimes beyond, your child should still be having approximately a 1.5 hour sleep each day. Sleep time is an important part of the routine and there should be comfortable child-sized mattresses, clean bedding and a subdued, cosy and quiet place to nap. Sleep times should be well managed with plenty of available adults to comfort and help settle your child. Comforters and soft blankets should be available too. All of this is essential and means children enjoy their necessary and well-earned rest after a fun morning and healthy lunch and they’re ready for action come the afternoon!

3. Adults who understand developmental stages of toddlers

This should be immediately obvious from the moment you visit a nursery and talk to the Manager or the staff. Years of experience, knowledge and continued training and development go into the play and activities you see when you visit a nursery. Our team have a deep understanding of how to support children in their next steps of development and to help them develop the skill of beginning to see other people’s perspectives (It’s no good telling a toddler to share until they’ve developed this!). Look for staff who are skilled in their conversations with the children and ideally who are supported and led by an Early Years Teacher.

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