Our Online Learning Journal

Finding ways to communicate effectively with families is always something that is high on our agenda. We understand that during drop off and collection times it is not always easy to share information about a child’s progress or go into details about their day.

A huge benefit of online learning journals is that parents have access 24/7 to their child’s development records. This means as a busy parent you read through the journal at a time that suits you. It also provides a lasting visual record of your child’s time at nursery. The profiles can be exported to a printable PDF to be kept forever, as well as having an electronic copy that can be viewed whenever you want.


After trialling some other online learning journals, we decided that Tapestry provided the best solution. Tapestry is simple and easy to use and is versatile enough to provide exactly what we require for our practitioners and families. It is a great way to ensure we gain lots of information, for instance helping practitioners to hear about the things that families like to do when away from nursery. The most important part about sharing these links is that we then plan next steps from them; this helps to embed knowledge and repeat any new skills the child may have learned.

What our parents think

Since we launched Tapestry at the beginning of September the feedback from parents has been astounding!

This is so lovely! I’m glad she has settled in so well and I really enjoy seeing her having such a good time.” Gemma, Darcey’s Mum.

Lovely to see how much fun they are having! And developing some great skills!” Catherine, Ralph’s mum.


What our team think

Tapestry is a fantastic and practical tool. It has opened a huge gateway for better communication and partnership with parents. I get excited when a notification pops up to say a parent has commented on an observation or added some pictures or a video. We have captured some amazing milestones such first steps, first words and first written letters. It’s also great for time management as it means I can pick up a tablet whilst a child is “in the moment,” capture it and send it straight over to their parents.Parents comment on how pleased they are with the communication they received from nursery. Alongside our individual observations we also carry out group observations which means parents can see much more of the things that we do at nursery. Overall I am extremely excited about the way the system is working and cannot wait to see how it progresses in the future!” Carley, Assistant Manager and Baby Room Leader


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