Cooking with Lynne


It is important that young children develop a positive attitude to food in their early years. Having a varied and balanced diet helps establish good habits form the start.
Lynne our Nursery Cook works hard behind the scenes not only preparing nutritious and healthy meals but developing new menus and working closely with the children to ensure they have a good knowledge of foods and ingredients.

Due to lots of new families joining nursery, we thought it would be beneficial to share one of our new Autumn/Winter recipes with parents. Parents came along on Saturday to make Italian Minestrone soup and freshly baked bread rolls and wow what a great turn out we had!



Families were given the ingredients and instructions and Lynne and the team supported each of the families, and discussed favourite dishes from home and nursery. Lynne is consciences in making sure she has a great understanding of each family’s individual needs as well as knowing children’s preferences when it comes to mealtimes.

Lynne is busy planning a Christmas themed cooking session and is all set to share her secret mince pie recipe!

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