Development Day for our Early Years Teachers

Yesterday we held a session with our Early Years Teacher (EYT’s) focussed around observing, assessing and planning to support children’s learning. It was wonderful to see our 8 EYT’s from our 6 nurseries working alongside each other with the specific objective of having a positive impact on children’s learning and development in their nursery.


The session was very focussed on how we meet individual children’s needs and interests to plan activities that help them in their next steps of learning. We discussed lots about our team understanding the purpose of observing children at play and assessment and how we use this information to inform what we plan each day. Parents were key in plenty of discussion about sharing experiences from home and keeping relationships open and positive, with the whole team agreeing that this was a strength throughout our six nurseries.

Understanding the interconnectedness of care and learning was a key theme throughout our day. Meeting the emotional needs of children in nursery is as much about offering them exciting, stimulating and challenging play experiences as it is about being there for a cuddle or helping children resolve conflicts with each other. Our Early Years Teachers are there to help staff understand that high quality play experiences and interactions impact positively on children’s well-being and learning and to support them in identifying clearly how to support children to make the next steps in their learning.

We are very fortunate to have such a highly qualified, experienced and skilled group of early years professionals working across nurseries and as Emma (Operations Director and Early Years Teacher), Stacey (Nursery Manager at Mere Nursery and Early Years Teacher) and myself (also an Early Years Teacher) facilitated and led the day, we couldn’t help being proud as we listened to conversations that truly put children’s needs, interests and unique personalities at the centre of the learning and assessment process.



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