5 Star Food Rating Again


At The Mere Nursery we pride ourselves in providing food of the highest standard for our children. Food and the preparation of food is a huge part of the curriculum. Our Nursery Cook Lynne works hard to know each child individually and their eating habits from the start.

Each year our setting is inspected to ensure we have the highest standards of food hygiene. The Environmental Health Officer checks to ensure food is being prepared, handled, cooked, stored and distributed in a safe and hygienic way. Visits are unannounced so it is extremely important we maintain standards at all times.

Our most recent inspection was last week and we are pleased to say we passed with flying colours, receiving the highest judgment of 5 stars. The inspector checks not only the kitchen but the food handling procedures in the room too.

Lynne isn’t the only person responsible for making sure food serving procedures are of the highest standard. All of our staff team has to complete a food hygiene course which helps them to understand how food should be handled, served and stored.

More recently we have introduced food allergy training to the team. It is now much more common for children to have a food allergy, intolerance or even a parental preference for certain types of food. All our practitioners complete a course which ensures that they have an excellent understanding of how to ensure children are kept safe. Alongside this we have robust policy and procedures on supporting children with allergies and intolerances.

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