Play Schemas


Many of our under 2’s children have been demonstrating clear patterns of play which are known as play ‘schemas’. A schema is a systematic approach to play and how children explore various objects. There are many forms of schemas such as ‘Trajectory’ where a child may have the urge to drop or throw objects and watch them fall and ‘Rotation’ upon which a child becomes engrossed in objects that rotate such as wheels or a ball.

The strongest schemas observed within our room are currently ‘Transporting’ where the children enjoy transporting objects from one area of the room to another using various means, and the ‘Enclosing’ schema in which our children enjoy filling and emptying bags, buckets and other containers and also like to play in side things such as cardboard boxes or build a track around themselves.


Using this knowledge the team have developed lots of activities to incorporate these particular learning styles. Our children have explored lots of heuristic play with pots pans and other items to fill which we have then extended by transporting the objects into the garden and using natural materials such as puddle water and mud.

Our next steps to this include a den building stay and play session with parents on Thursday 2nd March to explore the Enclosing Schema further and offer information on activities that can be done at home. We will also be creating a supermarket role play area with baskets and shopping bags to develop both of the strong schemas together.

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