Children see the magic because they look for it.”

Christopher Moore


Alongside the changes to our outdoor environment we have introduced a fairy door to provoke the children’s imagination and language. This interest has come from reading the story “Even Fairies need Glasses”.


I started by reading the story to the group, all of the children were interested and engaged with this story and showed a great ability to focus their attention. After the story we began a group conversation about fairies. The children were very inquisitive about where they live, what they look like, how big (or small) they are.

To continue and further develop their questions and thoughts Sophie showed the children two small jars, one with fairy dust and another with a small key inside. She explained to the children (who were very excited by this point) that outside in the garden there was a fairy door, and if we left the two magic jars outside then maybe a fairy would move in! We all went outside as a group and found the magic door, we left the two jars near the door for the fairies to hopefully find.


The children really enjoyed this activity, they had very good imaginations and worked well together as a team!

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