Our 2017 Awards

One of our values is to “be outstanding; we want to stand out and be recognised for great work”. And boy did we on Saturday night! As a management team, this is absolutely crucial to what we do.

Our team do a wonderful job and they truly have a positive impact on children’s experience at nursery. Tapping into children’s interests, running stay and plays and events for families, giving extra cuddles every time they are needed and making sure every child is treated as an individual – these are just a fraction of the things we wanted to thank them for.

So here they are….. our fantastic, wonderful, dedicated and incredibly knowledgeable colleagues – THANK-YOU on behalf of Ian, myself, Emma and every parent and every child that attends our nurseries.

Practitioner of the Year

The Village Nursery – Diana Ciccotta

Townhouse, Audley Road – Laura Coleman

Townhouse, Lawton Road – Juliet Carter

Quays Nursery – Michelle Boland

Mere Nursery – Chloe Bancroft

Astbury Lane Nursery – Jacqui Britton

Parent Choice Award

The Village Nursery – Jess Foran
Townhouse Audley Road – Kerrie Finnemore
Townhouse Lawton Road – Sallyann Jervis
Quays Nursery – Alana Wilding
Mere Nursery – Lauren Bailey
Astbury Lane Nursery – Sharron Turner

Team of the Year Award

Highly Commended
Townhouse, Lawton Road – Pre-School

Overall Winner
Astbury Lane Nursery – Baby Room

Supervisor of the Year

Highly Commended
Mere Nursery – Becki Gilhooley

Overall Winner
Townhouse Audley Road – Nicola McLaren-Stonier

Outstanding Contribution Award

Highly Commended
Wendy Pulizzi – Food & Nutrition Co-ordinator

Overall Winner
Village Nursery – Paige Elms

We also recognised celebrating an incredible 20 years service earlier this year with the wonderful Rebecca Moore and Mo Selby from the Village Nursery and the upcoming 20 years service in 2018 for Cheryl Ditchfield from the Quays Nursery and Sarah Wintle from Townhouse, Lawton Road. Sallyann Jervis from Townhouse, Lawton Road was awarded her 15 years long service on the night too!

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